This so-called Grillskar Island is a perfect getaway — that is if you have the money to buy it. On sale now from Sotheby’s, this private slice of haven in Sweden features a timber-clad cabin that screams cozy. More than that, though, what makes this a legitimate Scandinavian retreat is its unbeatable atmosphere.

The seaside residence is a minimalist masterpiece, boasting white planks and natural birch floors. It’s not a grand meditation on space, but it’s one of the homiest spaces we’ve ever encountered. Sometimes, you don’t really need conceptual. You just need practical comfort and solace — crucial must-haves especially if you’re on an island.

Elongated windows pepper the living spaces, allowing the maximum amount of natural light in. Beyond just welcoming plenty of daylight, they also act as your portal to sweeping views of the gorgeous environs. There are only two bedrooms here, which is no surprise considering how small and quaint the house is. Still, what little it has it makes use of well. As such, inspired wooden terraces make up for the lack of space, letting you view the rocky shoreline afar.

Apart from the main residence, the space also comes with a boathouse and a guest cabin, all of which are enveloped by the thick patchwork of trees in the area. This is quite the perfect setting if you’re a writer seeking isolation to write your great next novel. But even if you’re just a regular denizen exhausted by the city’s chaotic bustle, this is a rejuvenating retreat.


Photos courtesy of Skeppsholm Sotheby’s International Realty