While most of us get ready for the cold weather, other people in warmer climates- like these guys in Munich, Germany(?!)- prepare for barbecues and camping. And they have come up with the Grillrider ($615) – a versatile bike trailer, packed with all kinds of stuff you would need for a proper BBQ/picnic experience.

The Grillrider comes with a total of 19 features including an XXL cooler, gas grill and support tray, a sturdy Alucobond lid which doubles as dinning table, a detachable LED light bar, a battery with 2 USB ports for recharging (up to 5 times) a smartphone, an active rear light, and of course, the essential bottle opener. Featuring a modular construction system, the trailer can also be used as a trolley or remove its plug-in wheels to have a transport box with 150 liters of storage space. Plus, the sturdy construction allows you to strap-on and safely transport an extra 30 kilos of bulky items like chairs, umbrellas and more. Comes with a 3 years warranty and 5-years spare part service. Details in the corky video below

Grillrider 13

Grillrider 5

Grillrider 4

Grillrider 15

Grillrider 8

Grillrider 10

Grillrider 9

Grillrider 6


Grillrider 3

Grillrider 1

Grillrider a