The Griff Nail Clipper takes a unique yet efficient approach to trimming nails by having the blade rotate for precise cuts every time. It also has a large size so it can be used even without actually holding or gripping it.  

Industrial designer Yoshita Moritaka of Yoshita Handi-Design Studio created this tool for an unlikely client, a knife manufacturer in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture. “The basic concept of a frame made of aluminum extrusion molding and a rotating blade structure had to be reduced to a concrete form,” he explained of the design. He said the team studied the design while creating a model that could actually serve a purpose and not just for aesthetics only.

He admitted that creating the Griff Nail Clipper was a simple process, albeit it was also time consuming. Yet it was all worth the effort given the solid and encouraging response from users. Moritaka pointed out that this tool is larger compared to the generic nail clipper for a reason. This way, it can be operated without having to hold it.  Simply put the clipper on a stable surface and press the lever. 

Moreover, this tool offers a great and comfortable solution to those who has grip issues. It helps those who “are worried about their weak grip and difficulty moving their fingers. [Knife manufacturer] Kosaka Hamono Seisakusho, which has been manufacturing nail clippers for many years, listened to many people’s concerns and devised a system that rotates the blade part.”

The Griff Nail Clipper can be used straight or it can be rotated 360 degrees for maximum comfort and ease, thus reducing the stress of clipping one’s nails. Aside from its ergonomic features, this tool also comes in a beautiful and sturdy design made from aluminum alloy and steel.  

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Images courtesy of Yoshita Handi-Design Studio