As drone technology grows, it is obvious that package delivery is going to be where they find commercial success. Fledgling small package delivery by drone is already being tested in major urban locations. Now Griff Aviation out of Norway is getting ready to launch a series of customizable heavy-cargo drones.

Starting off with the Griff 300 ($TBA) as the mid-range model, this behemoth aircraft can carry up to 496 pounds with its eight individually powered rotors. Unlike many current commercial drones, the Griff 300 is designed only for manned remote control flight since the payloads are larger and require more care in navigating. At full load capacity the Griff 300 can still remain aloft for up to 45 minutes before needing a recharge. This is not speculative technology; the Griff 300 has already been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency & the American Federal Aviation Administration.

There is a smaller Griff on the way that tops out at 275 pounds payload, and ultimately the gargantuan Griff 800 which will be able to carry a whopping 1,760 pounds of cargo wherever a drone can go.