Today’s health crisis, now more than ever, has prompted people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle in a bid to stay clear of viruses and bacteria. Face masks and shields, personal air purifiers, and other sanitation products are selling like hotcakes. Purchases have become more influenced by health and hygiene and GRID has adapted this principle with the GRID Antimicrobial wallet.

This special edition version of the brand’s slim wallet provides protection from bacteria, germs, and viruses. It uses a naturally antimicrobial copper exterior that stars killing germs and viruses upon contact. Copper inhibits microbes and other viral particles by disrupting its protective layers and interfering with its vital processes.

Moreover, copper also acts as an RFID blocking system that prevents data theft. This ensures personal information contained in your cards and IDs remain safe.

The GRID Antimicrobial wallet also boasts a sleek and elegant aesthetics. It’s a minimalist everyday carry that can hold up to 12 cards. It can also hold cash and folded bills using the added pocket/money clip. It has a thumb slot for easy card access.

Forget bulky, stretched, and worn-out bifolds when you can have this reinforced two-piece aluminum sheets as your wallet. It guarantees no stretching on top of its antimicrobial properties. The GRID Antimicrobial wallet fits front or back pockets and does not add heft or bulge because it is only 6mm thick. It is also lightweight at just 62 grams. Not to mention that it looks dang sophisticated too so it fits any occasion.

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Images courtesy of GRID