These days USB flash drives have become so common. Most of the ones that are on sale are usually made out of plastic. Nevertheless, there are a few options that border on the premium side crafted out of metal. Practically, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the material used. We welcome a design studio from Minsk, Belarus, that’s here to offer something unique that’s both stylish and durable–the GreyMass Concrete USB Flash Drive.

Instead of the usual stuff that most USB flash drives are made of, this item is encased in concrete. There are two storage sizes being offered: 16GB and 32GB. Honestly, we hope the manufacturer would add higher capacity variants later on.

Conventional portable data storage devices keep their USB connectors protected via a cap or sometimes a swivel mechanism. What you get with the concrete-coated flash drive is a cover that’s held in place by a magnet—it’s a handy method that securely covers the interface and easily comes off when you need to use the drive in a jiffy.

It measures 50 х 20 х 10 mm and weighs only 27 grams. The company uses a Kingston Data Traveler SE9 inside each concrete USB flash drive. You can request to have this made to order item cast in different shades of gray. There’s an option to have your name or company logo engraved on the exterior, or UV printed to keep the surface smooth.

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Photos courtesy of GreyMass