Clean drinking water while hiking or camping can be very hard to come by. Usually, you have to boil it, chlorinate it, or carry it with you at 8 lbs. to the gallon. Greyl has simplified the problem in one simple 10.9 oz. Ultralight Purifier Bottle ($60).

The Greyl can use any freshwater source, be it a pond, stream, dodgy tap, rain water, or pump. All it takes is to fill the 16oz. container, insert and push the plunger down the same way you would a French press coffee maker, and you are ready to enjoy clean water. The purifier cartridge is a full-spectrum purification and filtration system designed to remove 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, particulates, protozoa, chemicals, and heavy metals. The cartridges are replaceable and good for about 300 uses (40 gallons/150 liters) of completely potable water.

The Greyl Water Purifier comes in four colors of orange, green, blue, and black to fit your style or preference and will keep you hydrated and safe even if the only water around is a duck pond.