Grayl’s GeoPress Ti Purifier is perfect for outdoor adventures as it offers portable versatility. It not just purifies water for safe drinking, it also doubles as a cook pot. 

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, anglers, hikers, hunters, and overlanders, this portable drinking vessel can take on any challenge. It’s crafted from multi-colored laser-engraved CP4 Grade 1 Titanium for unparalleled strength to weight ratio. It’s a functional masterpiece that filters and purifies virtually any freshwater source. 

Grayl’s GeoPress Ti Purifier features the award-winning OnePress global filtration and purification system for unrivaled ease, versatility, and speed. It requires no setup and filters and purifies in as fast as eight seconds at five liters per minute. Simply fill the vessel with water either from the lake or river, press, and drink. It has comfortable pressing pads that provide an ergonomic, non-slipping surface. 

This vessel removes waterborne pathogens (bacteria, virus, protozoan cysts) including Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery, Giardiasis, Rotavirus, and more. Likewise, it filters sediments and microplastics and absorbs harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and more using ultra-powered activated carbon.    

To protect the spout from cross-contamination, simply twist the cap 1/2 turn to vent air during the filtration and purification process. Grayl’s GeoPress Ti Purifier features a wide contoured spout for a fast flow while a TPE TopoGrip provides a durable, tactile non-slip performance grip on all heavy use surfaces.

This outdoor gear even comes with a one-way silicone valve pre-installed in the cartridge to allow electrolytes or a sport drink to be mixed into your water without comprising the integrity of the filter cartridge media. Moreover, using the butterfly handles of the Outer Ti Cup lets you use Gray’s GeoPress Ti Purifier to heat water or cook food even on direct flame. 

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Images courtesy of Grayl