Apple products have always been sitting on the top shelf when it comes to pricing and quality. As such, we are expected to part with a lot of cash to own any of the items in the catalogue. This has been the ongoing trend for a while now and we won’t be seeing it change anytime soon. Nevertheless, the Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition is on an entirely different level.

There’s this thing where certain upscale services take ordinary gadgets and turn them into luxurious pieces of technology. We’ve seen multiple iPhone models undergo the treatment as well as the AirPods. Now, Caviar is turning its sights on the AirPods Pro and the results are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

An ordinary pair of Apple’s latest cordless earbuds will run you around $249, which is already a premium cost. However, after it undergoes the luxury treatment from Caviar, you’re looking at a $67,780 audio accessory. This is for the people who have money to burn and desire precious metals on all of their stuff.

The establishment’s skilled staff know their way around most products hailing from the Cupertino-based company. Therefore, buyers can expect remarkable craftsmanship from any angle Gone are the plastic housing of the AirPods Pro and in its place is 750-content gold.

Caviar made sure that everything matches, which is why the charging case gets the same treatment. The Gold Edition, as the name implies, even comes with a fancy emblem to set it apart from the rest. ColorWare can only go so far when it comes to customizations, which is why these golden AirPods Pro are special.

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Images courtesy of Caviar