Brewing coffee is an art. It takes practice and various techniques to come up with a rich and flavorful cup of joe that suits your palate. It also comes in different flavors, like the cold brew that is making the waves these days.

Making cold brew normally takes ten to 12 hours and sometimes overnight. Sometimes it takes a trial and error method to get the perfect blend of cold brew.

However, with the Gravity Cold Brew Coffee Maker, it’s as simple as making drip coffee. Just toss in the ground beans, add water, and wait. This coffee maker also limits measuring guesswork of water and beans with its etched guide markings. Simply fill up to the markings to start brewing.

This innovative product lets you make cold brew two ways: immersion brewing and slow drip. Immersion takes 12-24 hours to steep the combined ground beans and water to create a coffee that is rich, bold, and chocolatey. Afterward, simply twist the filter valve to let out the elixir into the carafe. The Gravity serves 15 cups of immersed cold brew.

Meanwhile, slow drip takes 8 hours for a coffee that tastes sweet, smooth, and mellow. Simply fill 3 ounces of ground coffee up to the drip line and fill water to the brim.

The Gravity Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes with parts (drip plate, carafe, nesting lids, and filter cap) that are easy to take apart for cleaning. The glass is dishwasher safe.

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Photos Courtesy of Gravity