Golf bags have changed very little over the years. Some manufacturers may integrate some new features or some nifty functions to help with ergonomics or comfort, but the form factor remains. Grasshopper, on the other hand, shakes up the scene with an unconventional design that makes it more convenient to carry your gear around.

This is the company’s first crowdfunding project, but the concept behind it is noticeably fresh. Thus, as of this writing, 65 backers already pledged $17,210 with 13 days to go, which is already more than two times its goal. Although you can technically store your golf equipment in a regular backpack, there is no way to hold each piece in place.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Grasshopper comes with padded compartments. The club catchers are even modular so you can fit a set of seven properly. Never worry about damage when you carry it around as a fastener system clips on the shafts securely. You even get extra pockets to store accessories and other items in.

The exterior uses ballistic nylon that becomes a durable shell around your gear. A water-resistant fabric layer provides exceptional protection against the elements. There’s even an umbrella holder, which is handy in a downpour. The ergonomic back panel of the Grasshopper is also padded to keep it comfortable even during long-term use.

A retractable stand keeps the Grasshopper upright when it’s on the ground. Instead of a zipper, the backpack uses a special closure system with a snap-on lock. Become the envy of your pals the next time you hit the links with this snazzy storage system over your shoulders.

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Images courtesy of Grasshopper