These modern times call for wearable technology that can keep up with the day-to-day challenges. Whether out in the urban jungle or traversing the globe, you need apparel that offers both comfort and robust functionality. The team over at Graphene-X built on its mission to “leverage the unparalleled potential of advanced materials and nature’s evolutionary designs” in revolutionizing the quintessential denim jeans and puffer jacket. They turned to the toughness of graphene and the superior thermal insulation of aerogel, in creating the AeroGraph Puffer Jacket and the AeroGraph Denim Jeans.

Puffer jackets tend to be hefty and commonly used in the cold. But the AeroGraph Puffer Jacket is lightweight and adapts to warmer conditions too. Graphene-X also reinvented the classic denim jeans to offer thermal regulation and to be more comfortable and flexible to wear even to the gym.

The Technology Behind The AeroGraph Puffer

The AeroGraph Puffer Jacket contracts and expands according to the surrounding temperature using a proprietary revolutionary technology called W.A.I. or Weather Adaptive Insulation. The tech involves filling the front and back of the jacket with aerogel tubes that inflate and deflate depending on the intensity of the cold or heat.

Aerogel is a silica-based material that’s 99% air and when exposed to cold conditions, the air contracts leading to a decrease in molecular motion and space reduction. The contraction generates tension in the tubes, which inflates to create an extra layer of air-based insulation between you and the exterior. This results in a warmer jacket that lets you move in comfort even in freezing temperatures from -20C to +20°C.

The opposite happens when the jacket is exposed to warmer or hot conditions. It expands to give you breathing room. Meanwhile, the rest of the insulation power comes from synthetic graphene-integrated down (160g fill), which is known for its unparalleled weight-to-warmth ratio and its resilience even when soaked. The AeroGraph Puffer Jacket is also built for the outdoors, with its tough and starch-based nylon ripstop shell coated with a PFC & PFA free water repellent agent.

The Technology Behind The AeroGraph Denim Jeans

Wearing jeans can be constricting and hot. But not the AeroGraph Denim Jeans. Graphene-X used a unique blend of graphene and aerogel integrated fibers, along with spandex woven into the weft yarn. The combined materials result in a classic looking jean that’s abrasion resistant and offers thermal insulation and flexibility.


Graphene-X also teamed up with Advanced Denim, one of the most innovation-driven denim mills in the world, to incorporate their Air Lock technology on the warp of the fabric. This tech allows the denim to stretch to over 40% of its original form, making it exceptionally breathable and comfortable to wear. It feels like a second skin, offering unrestricted mobility so you can wear it to the gym or even on outdoor adventures.

Thoughtful Design For Unparalleled Functionality


It’s not all about textile strength and insulation for the AeroGraph Puffer Jacket and Denim Jeans. Graphene-X also put a lot of thought into their functionality.

The AeroGraph Puffer Jacket features water-resistant YKK zippers all across, an adjustable hem, an expedition Velcro patch, and a Ready For Everything (RFE) Hood. It has two open pockets and three zipped pockets (one inner and two zipped pockets that securely hold your items in place even with the zipper open). The jacket can be packed down into a portable size into its storage bag for on-the-go use, anytime and anywhere.

Meanwhile, the AeroGraph Denim Jeans come in a classic mid-rise slim fit throughout the leg and hip but are not too tight or too loose to wear. It has extendable inseams and a gusseted crotch for enhanced mobility and durability.

An invisible snap and lock button + fly allows it to retain its sleek silhouette, while offering various storage options for your EDC.  It has eight concealed pockets: two on the main front, two rear pockets, and one hidden zipped rear pocket, as well as dedicated pockets for a phone, an AirPod, and for a flashlight/knife or other small gear.

Using graphene and aerogel enhanced the functional properties of the AeroGraph Puffer Jacket and Denim Jeans, transforming them into advanced performance wear that adapts to varied situations. These are wearable tech that offer unrivaled protection and durability, while being stylishly sleek and modern for everyday use.

Company vision:

Graphene-X is a technology driven clothing & gear brand that focuses in the use of advanced materials to manufacture high-performance, sustainable and multi-purpose products. We are driven by a mission to leverage the unparalleled potential of advanced materials and biomimicry, the practice of deriving inspiration from nature’s billions of years of evolutionary design, to revolutionize the way we think about clothing and gear. Our journey has already witnessed remarkable innovations: hoodies that regulate temperature, t-shirts that can be worn day after day without retaining any odors, pants designed to withstand and perform under the most extreme conditions humans can encounter, and jackets boasting unparalleled weight-to-warmth ratios, among others. Today, as we expand our vision to include a broader spectrum of advanced materials—from aerogel to bio-based fabrics—our commitment to innovation remains as steadfast as ever.        

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