Audiophiles are reverting to the classic vinyl records nowadays for their listening pleasure. Meanwhile, those who have these records in storage but prefer the modern means of listening to music (Spotify, YouTube Music, and more), would rather have them as decorative pieces. Vinyls in general are not just exclusive for playing music, as proven by this unique Gramophone Lamp by designer Artyom Alimpjvev. 

This is a handcrafted lamp made of a single aluminum stand, a marble PLA encasing, and a polycarbonate diffuser disk. It’s a rechargeable lighting solution that has both a touch and analog dial to adjust the light brightness. The touch function likewise serves as a power button to turn the lamp on and off.

The Gramophone Lamp is minimalist and sleek and would make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your living room, the library, or in the bedroom. It has a curve base that supports the lighting design and it slopes downward at the back to hold the rear part. 

This lamp uses a vinyl as the main light source which has a trackpad-like surface to control how dim you want the light to be. It is also touch-sensitive (simply swipe to reduce or increase brightness). The polycarbonate diffuser disk is the show-stealer of this design, which pays homage to the minimalist look of vinyl with its wispy and semi-translucent appearance. It helps create a warm ambiance by magnifying the lighting.  

This lamp can run for 24 hours at max brightness without being plugged in to an electrical socket using the reserved power stored in its 4000 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. Its light temperature is set at 3500K in a warm white color. However, Alimpiyev  says the Gramophone Lamp is not a desk lamp but more for atmospheric purposes. He even encourages users to repurpose their old vinyl or given them “a second life” by using it in exchange of the disk. 

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Images courtesy of Artyom Alimpjvev.