Even with advancements in wireless audio technology audiophiles will always caution against its use. Wired setups are apparently the way to go when it comes to playback accuracy and overall acoustic quality. Grado Labs – like many prestigious audio brands – are finally gradually introducing cord-free alternatives. The GT220 is the company’s first true wireless earphones which will surprise longtime fans of their regular lineup. Nevertheless, it’s always good to embrace changes that push innovation forward.

Grado Labs, much like every other manufacturer, is facing tough competition from the likes of Apple. Ever since the release of the first-generation AirPods, it has practically cornered the market for true wireless earphones. The GT220 intends to give consumers an option with several decades of experience when it comes to exceptional sound.

With their reputation on the line, you can be sure that Grado Labs is putting their best foot forward. According to their product page, the GT220 should be able to handle all highs, mids, and lows with outstanding results. Users will likely hear the nuances they are looking for with impressive clarity. Even phone calls are going to sound great as well.

The GT220 uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and supports aptX, SBC, and AAC codecs. Grado Labs promises 6 hours of battery life on a full charge with an additional 30 hours from its charging case. It charges via USB-C and is compatible with most wireless charging accessories. Control your phone calls with the left touch interface and music with the right. Finally, keep them securely in place with the extra tips that ship with the package.

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Images courtesy of Grado Labs