The Gozney Dome brings restaurant-quality food at the comfort of your own backyard. It oozes class, elegance, and ease of use no matter your level of cooking.

This versatile outdoor oven lets you choose between wood or gas fuel and lets you whip up anything from a roasted chicken, baked goods, and more. It can roast, steam, or bake and you can do the cooking your way: super fast or low and slow.

The beauty of this invention is its quick turnover to gas fuel. A simple turn of the dial switches to its built-in gas burner with a max temperature of 950°F. A digital thermometer gives a precise reading. Couple that with two meat probes so you’ll know precisely when your steak is down.

The Gozney Dome features a 30mm stone floor and dense cavity insulation for unbeatable heat retention while a control dial lets you regulate the airflow for wood fuel for better heat output control from start to finish.

Moreover, this dual-fuel oven comes with a steam injector that helps with moisture when baking bread and other pastries. This results in crispier crusts in pizza or longer rising dough in bread. It also comes with handy attachable accessories for the dock including a cold-smoking attachment and an automated pellet burner.

The Gozney Dome is designed for the outdoors. As such, its construction has to stand against external factors and the test of time. This equipment has a ceramic-bonded outer coating that makes the product durable, UV stable, and water-resistant.

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Images courtesy of Gozney