Many consider gas or multi-fuel grills must-have cooking equipment. How else can you enjoy flavorful food that packs amazing flavor and wonderful aromas? Foodies, on the other hand, also claim that a wood-fired oven creates that distinct smoky goodness modern ovens cannot replicate. If you have plans to grab one, Gozney is launching the Dome – a professional-tier model for consumers.

What this modern take on a beloved old-fashioned coking tool offers are semi-portability and convenience. Unlike regular wood-fired ovens, which are usually built-in, Gozney offers a freestanding alternative that you can move around. Ideally, you’ll want to place it on a heat-resistant surface or cart. This bad boy is quite hefty, so get someone else to assist with its placement.

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Gozney Dome Specifications And Must-Have Accessories

Dome Cutout

At 128 lbs, the Dome is roughly a little heavier than your average freestanding outdoor grill, but still somewhat manageable. It ships ready to use out of the box with only the removable flue and cap for you to install. To make it even easier, get a buddy to help lift and position the oven where you want it to be.

However, we suggest that you add the optional stand accessory. It features four large casters with an orientation locking system and foot brakes to keep it in place.  The oven measures 26” x 24.8” x 28.8” (H x D x W) and uses premium materials for its construction.

High-grade 304 stainless steel forms the interior elements, while the outer case boasts a durable ceramic-bonded coating. The cordierite stone floor is 1.2” thick with a ceramic fiber insulation wrap and a calcium silicate insulation below it.

This means the Dome is remarkably resistant to exposure in all types of weather conditions. Nevertheless, it’s best to position the oven below a heat-resistant awning or roofing to minimize moisture ingress during rain or snow.

Technically, it should remain functional, but it might take time to reach the ideal temperature if the interior is wet or damp. Gozney points out that a heavy-duty grill cover will do the trick, but owners might want to add the official Dome Cover which is sold separately.

While you’re at it, might as well go for the complete set with the brand’s Rope Sealed Door, Placement Peel, Turning Peel, Pizza Rocker, Pizza Server, Dough Cutter, and more. Although you don’t really need the handheld Infrared Thermometer, it does come in handy to check the temperature of the oven’s interior.

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Features And Design

Traditionally, wood-fired ovens are made out of bricks and other types of stone. Also called masonry ovens, these are often built into walls or sometimes detached. This means you really need to think about where it goes because there are no last-minute do-overs once the concrete or other binding agents have set. As for the Dome, Gozney goes for a contemporary design with a top-notch build quality.

The outline may look like a perfect circle, but a view from the top reveals it to be oval instead. It’s available in two colors: Bone and Olive. Personally, we love the ivory tone, but it could be prone to discoloration over time. For contrast, there are elements in black like the trims, flue, flue cap, oven landing surround, and base. A brushed stainless-steel panel wraps around the midsection.

A “G” badge and Gozney branding are visible from the font as well as the rear wall of the interior. If you got the wood-only version, you’ll find a circular cutout with a metal grille that allows air from the fan at the bottom to circulate inside. As for the dual fuel option, there are two cutouts. One is for the burner, while the other functions exactly like the former. Stone pucks are in the box are to cover these holes.

Underneath the main body, there’s a storage cubby for your favorite wood. A round digital display with two ports for the supplied thermometer probes is directly to the left of this space. It shows the temperature and battery level of the motorized ventilation system, which is controlled by a dial all the way to the right. Meanwhile, the dual fuel variant touts an ignition and flame regulation dial.


The Gozney Dome, is one of the best wood-fired ovens money can buy right now. You can bake, roast, smoke, sear, and so much more. The basic bundle already blows the competition away with its outstanding quality and modern functionalities.

Moreover, we highly recommend that you splurge on the official stand to make it so much easier to move around when needed. The additional racks below let you store other cooking essentials and more wood.

Food preparation also becomes more convenient thank’s to the two side shelves. Finally, tool hooks keep your cookware and tools within reach. Finally, go with the dual fuel Gozney Dome so you can freely switch between gas and wood at will.

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Dome Flue Dome Thermometer

Images courtesy of Gozney