We’ve come a long way when it comes to friendly fun using projectiles. Children or the kids in us now have a lot of options when it comes to simulated warfare. We know that real conflict is an unfortunate and sad truth. Yet, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t engage in a round of friendly combat. Those who want a hint of realism can go for airsoft guns. On the other hand, water balloons and Super Soakers are ideal for summer, and Nerf is always a great choice anytime. Take it to a whole new level with the Goshfun Worker Tactics Mortar.

We’ve seen various versions of the foam-blasting toy that are ideal for assaulting the enemy team, but why risk getting hit when you can bomb them from afar. This is where the Goshfun Worker Tactics Mortar comes into play. This small plastic toy replica of an actual 60mm mortar fires foam shells up to a range of 6 meters—we know the distance sucks, but hey, it’s a toy for crying out loud.

It can apparently give you a tactical advantage during Nerf combat, so position yourself well and out of range of the opponent’s blasters. The only thing missing in our opinion is a spring-loaded mechanism that could shoot out foam shrapnel for a small hint of realism.

For a $69 toy, it’s surprisingly very detailed. The tube comes with a baseplate and an adjustable bipod assembly. The shells have springs built-in within and need to be primed just like the real thing. A priming tool comes with the package to lock the trigger mechanism. Once prepared, you just need to drop it in and watch as the enemy ducks for cover. Prepare to become the bane of the Nerf battlefield with the Goshfun Worker Tactics Mortar in your arsenal.

Goshfun Worker Tactics Mortar

Photos courtesy of Goshfun Worker