With the United Kingdom preparing for the coronation of two royals this weekend, we can expect special product releases to honor the ceremonies. Since this is a major event, people the world over are undoubtedly eager for commemorative items that mark the occasion. Purveyors of fine spirits may want to splurge a bit with the King Charles III Coronation Edition.

This 74-year-old single malt Scotch is supplied by Gordon & Macphail and will cost approximately $31,000. Discerning whiskey collectors would tell you that this is a small price to pay for the privilege to own such a remarkable age statement from private bottlers of their renown. Therefore, expect to pay exorbitant prices if ever some make it to the resale market.

Still, nobody is likely to let go of their King Charles III Coronation Edition anytime soon. According to the group behind this blend, the whiskey was aged in first-fill sherry casks in 1948. After several decades of developing an exquisite profile within the confines of its wooden container, the precious liquid is ready for those who want to raise a toast to its namesake.

The curated expression was bottled on December 15, 2022, which is also the day Charles III was christened in 1984. The single malt is listed at 50.4% ABV. Given the rarity of whiskeys of its standing, Gordon & Macphail was kind enough to share the tasting notes. Chances are that buyers might not even dare to sample a dram of this spirit from Glen Gran Distillery.

Aromas of mulled berries, raisins, and festive spices fill your nostrils, while flavors of Demerara sugar, beeswax polish, red apple, bitter orange, milk chocolate, smoke, fresh peppermint, and lemon zest hit the tongue. The King Charles III Coronation Edition then finishes off with hints of mature oak and grapefruit.

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Images courtesy of Gordon & Macphail