With each iteration, GoPro introduces new improvements to its flagship action camera. The HERO11 Black is the range-topping option for its 11th-generation model. As people head back out to enjoy the outdoors and participate in various sports or activities, this device lets you capture everything for posterity.

What comes as a surprise during the launch is the HERO11 Black Mini – a truly compact and basic version of the flagship unit. Content creators, on the other hand, may want to consider the HERO11 Black Creator Edition. However, upon checking the bundle, it’s strangely cheaper to purchase the accessories separately.

If you’ve used older modes from GoPro, the latest offering should practically function just like before. It means most of the older add-ons should be compatible as well, which helps justify the upgrade. The manufacturer claims more than 40 mods, accessories, and mounts should still work here.

Expect the same robust construction and versatility that’s ready to go anywhere and withstand extreme conditions. The HERO11 Black is ready to shoot professional-grade footage of anything you point it at. Dual LCD screens help users take the perfect shot or selfie.

Even without additional housing, the camera is waterproof up to 33 feet. HyperSmooth 5.0 technology is ready to compensate and keep videos virtually shake-free. Moreover, its AutoBoost function automatically adjusts the level of stabilization needed based on speed and movement.

Engage Horizon Lock for a steady frame even if the unit tilts or spins 360 degrees. The GoPro HERO11 Black ships with the camera, Enduro rechargeable battery, carrying case, mounting buckle, curved adhesive mounts, thumb screw, USB-C cable, and a free SD card.

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Images courtesy of GoPro