Any movie or TV show about computer programming in the past decade will tell you anyone can be hacked. Years and years ago, people saw this suggestion as comical if not downright silly. But things have changed significantly since. We’ve gotten more serious about data now that we know major companies are hungry for it. That’s where the Google Titan Security Key, a $50 device, comes in.

The device adds another layer of protection to your data as you go about your daily activities online. It will make your accounts virtually hack-proof, Google claims.

This might be the first time you’ve ever heard of a security key. However, it’s actually fairly common among corporate circles. People use it as a way to double-check that only authorized remote networks are running sensitive applications. Coupled with a PIN, password, or biometrics as part of a two-factor authentication, the key will greatly lessen the chances of hackers compromising your private accounts.

If you’re big on Google services like the rest of us, you’re in luck. Google specifically made the Titan Security Key to work seamlessly with services like Gmail, G Suite apps, and your main Google account. That means any app that you log in with your Google account with gets an extra layer of security.

The key is also fully compatible with Fast ID Online standards, or FIDO, which are “a set of technology-agnostic security specifications for strong authentication.” Over 260 companies use FIDO, including heavyweights like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The $50 bundle includes a USB key, a bluetooth Low Energy key, and an adapter for devices with USB Type-C ports.

Google Titan Security Key