All eyes are on Oceanco as they prepare to deliver the Koru sailing yacht to its eager owner soon. Jeff Bezos has been generating a lot of buzz ever since he commissioned the vessel in 2018. Its classic silhouette is certainly remarkable, but the G-Quest 705-foot overall length and capabilities are on another level.

It’s not exactly a fair comparison since the Amazon founder’s monohull is primarily for recreational purposes. As per GOLIATH, this polar class expedition concept will navigate around the globe to fulfill a noble mission behind each trip. The ship “allows its owner to oversee their philanthropic efforts while living in luxury at sea.”

According to GOLIATH, the construction endows the vessel with a steel hull, aluminum superstructure, and wooden decks. The G-Quest can be outfitted with various amenities and facilities based on the whims of the client. However, its design should prove beneficial for “both humanitarian and research objectives.”

Its gargantuan size allocates three decks as private sections for owners and their guests. Meanwhile, the rest of its volumes will hold a collection of research stations. To minimize environmental impact, the G-Quest uses generators that run on green fuels such as biodiesel, methanol, and hydrogen.

These in turn power batteries to operate the azimuth thrusters for propulsion. The G-Quest can reach a maximum speed of 20 knots and maintain a cruising speed of around 14 knots. There’s more than enough space within the massive hull to store an electric VTOL, two Sikorsky S-92 VIP choppers, two Cessna Caravan seaplanes, and more.

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Images courtesy of GOLIATH