What type of audio system do you have at home? Some folks prefer to listen privately via headphones or earbuds (wired and wireless), while others choose to share it with anyone within hearing range. Goldmund Sound Systems’ Theia is a top-class option when your living spaces need a pair of high-fidelity speakers that effortlessly blend with any decor.

The Swiss group has been in business since 1978 and has cultivated a stellar reputation over the years. According to their official page, the establishment “offers a wide range of prestigious and high-precision home audio systems.” Meanwhile, upon checking the product slogan for the Theia, they’re surprisingly calling it “architectural speakers.”

It somewhat makes sense given the striking aesthetic presence each unit adds to any room. Purportedly inspired by a prominent figure in Greek mythology, According to Goldmund, they’ve taken cutting-edge technology and exquisite cosmetics of the Gaïa wireless speaker which was launched in 2022. A quick comparison shows a slight resemblance in form, but each model is distinct.

Each Theia speaker is meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding acoustics, which is why the speakers are equipped with Goldmund Telos Amplification technology. The amplifier is rated at 876W to output powerful sound that covers all frequency ranges. Its dimensions listed are 21″ x 66.14″ x 26.4″(WxHxD) and tips the scales at a hefty 441 lbs.

Goldmund ships the speakers, each with a custom flightcase for storage or transport. Still, at the weight specified, it’s best to keep these bad boys in place unless there’s really a need to move them. The Theia is built out of silver-gray aluminum and other premium materials. Every tower houses a soft dome tweeter, a 4″ high medium, a 6″ low medium, and a 12″ woofer.

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Images courtesy of Goldmund Sound Systems