Designed specifically for superyachts, the Goldfinch Sygnet grand piano is incredibly compact and exceptionally beautiful. According to Goldfinch director Tomas Norman, the company’s goal was to create a piano that would effectively blur the lines between contemporary British art and tradition.

Goldfinch Sygnet Piano

This was achieved in terms of both design and craftsmanship, the Sygnet combining state-of-the-art technologies with timeless artistry. Even though much smaller than regular grand pianos, this one is nonetheless an attention-grabbing piece that can instantly become the visual focus of any room on your luxury yacht.

The 127 cm (50 in) acoustic grand piano is fitted with the Goldfinch Virtuoso self-playing feature, which means you don’t necessarily need a piano player to keep you entertained. It is also equipped with wireless IPod controls, carbon fiber action, ‘Abel’ hammers and solid spruce ‘Strunz’ soundboad. Priced at around $100,000, each piano is customizable to fit the buyer’s unique preferences.

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