Have you checked your supplies lately? Aside from groceries and other home necessities, is your inventory of alcoholic beverages still enough? If you need to restock on whiskey, House of MacDuff is offering another exclusive blend. Also, it would be a nice addition to any collection. Under its Golden Cask label, we have a 1989 Dumbarton Scotch.

What’s cool about this lineup from House of MacDuff’s is the variety. In fact, the number of tasting notes already under their staggering archive of past releases is too many to list down in this article. The details in the huge catalog are from renowned whiskey distiller and expert John McDougall.

This tells us the Golden Cask series is perfect for whiskey enthusiasts who love to experience something new on a regular basis. Meanwhile, The Dumbarton is a single grain Scotch that has been maturing in an ex-bourbon barrel for 32 years. Retailers list the vintage as 1989 with cask number CG007 and from a lowland source.

Bottled in January 2022, only 127 examples of the Golden Cask Dumbarton are available for purchase worldwide. Unfortunately, the independent bottler is yet to furnish more information regarding the whiskey. Judging by their previous launches, you’re getting great quality for a fair price.

According to the House of MacDuff, “each cask in our flagship Golden Cask range is specially selected to represent the region—and distillery—of its origin. We don’t chill filter, we use a coarse filter which cleans cask debris and allows for a fuller flavour and greater texture.” There you have it, you can be sure that there will be another exceptional expression to follow the Dumbarton.

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Images courtesy of House of MacDuff