The American whiskey market continues its upswing and distilleries know it. As discerning drinkers seek exclusive releases, some labels find it difficult to keep up given their limited reserves. Thankfully, others are sitting on enough for crafting a beautiful blend for eager enthusiasts. Buffalo Trace Distillery recently took the stage to unveil a gem christened the Weller Millennium.

Reports tell us the event was held in Hudson Valley, New York. Specifically, the venue for the big launch was Blue Hill at Stone Barns. As hinted by the commemorative designation of the whiskey, many believe the expression is destined to become a collector’s item once all allocated stocks sell out. Judging by the hype it’s generating right now, it will be selling out soon.

With a sticker price of about $7,500, you can bet only the most serious of souls will snap one or more up. According to Buffalo Trace Distillery, the Weller Millennium is a mix of classic straight bourbon and wheat whiskey.  All of these were distilled in 2000, 2003, 2005, and 2006. This places the oldest at 24 years and the youngest at 18 years.

“At the turn of the millennium, the Distillery was amid a period of transformation once again and looked to its forebearers for inspiration,” writes Buffalo Trace Distillery. “As a trailblazer in the industry, the distillation team chose to pay homage to W.L. Weller by setting aside some of the first whiskeys distilled in the new millennium for the sole purpose of creating this extraordinary innovation.”

Since personally sampling the Weller Millennium is out of the question, we can share the tasting notes supplied by the website. It exudes bold aromas of toffee, caramel, and oak. A sip of the whiskey reveals hints of stone fruit, raisins, figs, and dried fruit, while essences of caramel and oak linger with a dry finish.

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Images courtesy of Buffalo Trade Distillery