Hydrofoils, such as the GoFoil For SUP ($1,750), are regarded as the future of water activities. When attached to a surfboard, these wing-like structures lift your craft out of the water, allowing for greater speeds and the sweet feeling of “taking flight.” And who doesn’t like flying?

Boasting an oven-cured, proprietary carbon construction, the sturdy surface attaches to your board using a mounting Turtle box. Once you hit between 4-8mph, the hydrofoil takes over, raising your board above the surface, which means decreased friction and drag.

This results in less effort required to maintain and propel speed, leaving you with only one main focus: catching the next glide. Tested in both downwind paddling and wave riding, the GoFoil is said to perform well in both configurations, making it a must-have surfboard upgrade. Details in the video [via]

GoFoil For SUP 4

GoFoil For SUP 1

GoFoil For SUP 3

GoFoil For SUP 5

GoFoil For SUP 2