It’s a comforting thought that we are now at a point in time wherein there are plenty of eco-friendly mobility platforms for urban travel. EVs may not be outselling traditional cars just yet, but growing awareness about climate change is dramatically shifting interest toward a green direction. The Gocycle CX series is ideal for cyclists of all skill levels.

Despite the aggressive marketing of electric vehicles, not everybody can afford one. Therefore, the next best option would be a two-wheeler. Electric motorcycles are reportedly just as popular, but electric bicycles seem to be outselling them based on market surveys.

What these e-bikes offer are performance, sleek design, and storage versatility, “With advanced engineering and thoughtful application of high-tech composite materials, the bold new WingPillar Frame design builds from Gocycle’s core F1-inspired monocoque chassis DNA,” writes the manufacturer.

Industry sources tell us that the CX’s construction uses 6061 T6 for the front and a carbon fiber rear assembly. It’s purportedly robust enough to withstand loads of up to 480 lbs. Riders who want to take their kids along can do so via the rear cargo rack which is compatible with MIK HD child bike seats.

This is great for leisurely trips around the city for families. Fatigue shouldn’t be an issue as the 500W front hub motor and torque sensor ensure seamless pedal assistance. The CX’s 375 Wh battery is rated for 50 miles on a single charge. Smooth shifting is made possible by Gocycle’s electronic predictive technology.

Speaking of which, the CX is outfitted with a Cleandrive Shimano Nexus five-speed transmission and a Gates belt drive. Meanwhile, hydraulic disc brakes on both ends ensure your e-bike stops safely when needed. Finally, the folding hinge at the seat tube allows it to fold into a 46.5″ x 15.75″ x 30.75″ package that only weighs around 51 lbs.

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Images courtesy of Gocycle