The Goat Hub 70 takes you on life’s greatest outdoor adventures be it on land, air, and water. It features a unique modular design that allows you to take as many necessities as you need.

This heavy-duty cooler uses commercial-grade Freeze Frame insulation and roto-molded construction to keep ice frozen longer. This means drinks and food stored inside will stay fresh for longer too. It has four exterior corner turrets that hold four integrated cans like a glove. The cans come empty or pre-packed with the necessities you need for your activities.

With the cans being the cornerstone of the modular system of the Goat Hub 70, they can hold practically anything. They are also guaranteed durable as they are made from the same polycarbonate that NASA uses, which makes them nearly indestructible. They make great beer stein substitutes too in case you need booze on your adventures.

The added convenience of the detachable exterior cargo net lets you carry more items on the go. It makes a great storage solution for things you need close at hand like your mobile phone, wallet, a few snacks, and more. You can equip the cooler with two nets one on the front and the other on the back.

The Goat Hub 70 is easy to tout around with the addition of extended length marine-grade nylon rope handles with soft-touch grips. It is also compact enough for a tailgate at 23.6 x 12.15 x 13.01 inches and at a weight of 19.8 kilograms. At 58.95 liters, you can stock it with all the food and drinks you need for your outdoor fun.

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Images courtesy of GoatBox