Summer season is all about soaking in the sun and having fun outside. Additionally. sizzling blockbuster films normally release during this time to match the heat. The beach and other bodies of water are the ideal places where people flock to. As temperatures rise, so does our need to cool down. So far, the best way to do so is with a cold beverage fresh from a refrigerator or cooler. Igloo is a legendary name when it comes to ice chests and the Kegmate Jockey Box hopes to change the game.

This stylish stainless steel is clearly of premium quality. Igloo designed this to keep drinks cold and serve frosty brew straight from the tap. Pop the lid open and inside you’ll see that this is not your average cooler. Even though you can fill it with ice and dump your bottles and cans within, what makes it special is the built-in dispenser. As the name suggests, you can connect a standard keg and enjoy ice-cold free-flowing beer till the sun goes down.

Call it sorcery if you will, but the stainless steel coil keeps the amber brew at serving temperature. Igloo is not one to compromise quality, which is why the Kegmate Jockey Box is a durable party accessory. You have a dependable 54-quart cooler that can keep ice for days. Furthermore, the brand’s Cool Riser technology stops heat from any surface moving up from the underside. Other nifty features include a drain plug, large ergonomic stainless steel handles, and an integrated bottle opener.

Own this awesome cooler now – $399.99

Images courtesy of Igloo