The experts in portable solar products at Goal Zero have just released their newest and smallest addition to the Lighthouse series of camping/travel lanterns. At just 3 2/3″ tall, the Lighthouse Micro Lantern ($20) packs a very bright punch into a mere 2 1/2 ounces.

At its brightest setting, the Micro produces 150 lumens of slightly yellowish light, but can be dimmed through several levels down to a soft 10 lm night light. It stays lit for 7 – 170 (!) hours depending on the setting, it’s rated IPX7 for its ability to withstand rain & snow, and can even survive 1 meter of water for up to a half hour. Power comes from a long-lasting Li-on NMC battery with a lifetime of hundreds of recharges – done via a USB charger on the bottom.

There is a folding ring on the top for easy hanging around your camp or to your belt for on the go illumination. For the adventurer with little room to spare, the Lighthouse Micro Lantern is a perfect choice to light the way through the dark. [via]