Having a refreshing cold drink and keeping perishables edible for days is a priority when tailgating or camping outdoors, worse, during a power outage. It’s always best to have a backup refrigerator or freezer on standby, and one that’s efficient at its job like the Goal Zero Alta 50. 

This is a portable freezer/refrigerator with a temperature setting that can go as low as -4°F and offers 53 liters of storage space through a couple of removable baskets. It can fit up to 75 twelve-ounce cans and other provisions. You can use it as an RV refrigerator or as a camping fridge for weekend getaways.

Enhancing its efficiency is the added insulated cover, which also protects the stainless steel shell from scratches and dings, while offering extra storage through its built-in pockets. The Goal Zero Alta 50 also has bumpers on the edges and corners for added protection.

This freezer ditches the ice to give you more space to store food, drinks, and your favorite treats. It runs on an LG compressor and uses an use eco-friendly refrigerant (R600a). This cooler offers class-leading power efficiency while requiring an amazingly low power draw to keep your food at the desired temperature (average of 8 Watts at 35° F).

The Goal Zero Alta 50 can run for hours, or even days, when plugged to an AC wall outlet or via a power station or a car’s 12V port. Adding a solar panel to your outdoor setup will keep it running for an unlimited amount of time. Best of all, it is Bluetooth-enabled so you can keep tabs on the temperature remotely if you are unable to check on its status via the integrated screen. Other features including a drain plug, a power outlet on either side, and metal latches with lock hole to safeguard your provisions.

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Images courtesy of Goal Zero