Where are you heading this summer? Have you already booked your flights? If you’re still about to make plans, we might have a cool destination for you to consider. Those eager for a tropical retreat to unwind should know that Southeast Asia is home to many beautiful vacation spots that fit the bill. Our latest pick is the Eclipse House.

This is a perfect place for folks who want an eco-friendly hideaway. As a bonus, booking this is a memorable experience wherein you’re staying in what is technically a modern treehouse. If you’ve never been in one before, now is the right time to feel what it’s like and share it with friends and loved ones.

You’re heading to Bali, Indonesia, but those hoping to see crystal clear waters upon waking are not getting it here. However, if a sea of trees is fine with you, then the Eclipse House is where the action is. The building material in use here is mostly Asper bamboo which grows locally.

It overlooks the Ayung River and a lush Balinese jungle which reminds us of how breathtaking nature can be. The Eclipse House features two volumes with three floors each. There are a total of four bedrooms and four baths enough for up to 8 adults. Air conditioning is likewise available just in case it starts to feel stuffy.

Guests have access to a kitchen, a dining area, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi and more. Its multiple living spaces are perfect for socializing or just relaxing. You can even head down to take a dip in the river below. The Eclipse House is also great for couples who want the magic to happen amid a verdant forest.

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Images courtesy of Airbnb