As we all know, carmakers are now shifting away from fossil fuels. In fact, almost every company already has laid out roadmaps until the entire fleet totally becomes emission-free. Hence, it’s always a thrill to hear about what’s on the horizon for green mobility. Meanwhile, there are others who come up with unofficial renditions of popular models such as this electrified GMC Safari concept.

To date, General Motors already has several EVs in the market courtesy of its subsidiaries. Nevertheless, the modern consumer still wants more. We’re pretty sure several are currently in the planning stage or in active development, but it seems automotive designer Jordan Rubinstein-Towler wants to share his take on an iconic van.

Instead of completely overhauling the aesthetics, there are hints of the original’s profile. For those who don’t know, this is a difficult task as some designers tend to lean heavily on the futuristic theme. Thankfully, the GMC Safari concept retains enough familiar elements to appeal to our nostalgic senses.

So far, we love Rubinstein-Towler’s slick take on the van as it boasts clean lines, gentle curves, and just the right number of cosmetic characteristics to convey its pro-environment stance. As with most EVs, the GMC Safari concept does away with the traditional grille and opts for illuminated embellishments to denote its special status.

You’ll also notice the rear-facing cameras that replace the side mirrors. Depending on what the buyer needs, the GMC Safari concept can be configured for passengers or cargo. Renders of the interior show nothing too dramatic as the dashboard features your typical digital instrument panel and an infotainment display.

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Images courtesy of Jordan Rubinstein-Towler