Are you one of the folks who originally reserved a Cybertruck when Tesla opened its books for the futuristic all-electric pickup truck? After a slew of delays, we heard that many opted to cancel their preorders and throw money at General Motors’ way for the GMC Hummer EV PICKUP instead. Given its overlanding credentials, something like this camper upgrade from EarthCruiser was bound to happen.

Even before the marque’s switch to greener powertrains, the Hummer was already considered a rugged beast. We’ve seen people hook up camper trailers or even commission camper conversions back when the vehicle was still powered by an internal combustion engine. Now, owners of the eco-friendly version can outfit their ride for longer off-grid stays outdoors courtesy of EarthCruiser.

This is a collaboration that promotes sustainability via recreational activities like overlanding. The GMC Hummer EV PICKUP is an ideal platform packing more than enough features to conquer varying degrees of challenges brought about by nature. The donor vehicle is the version with a sizeable truck bed that welcomes a slew of customizations to turn it into a standalone emission-free RV.

What we have here is a camper fabricated out of carbon fiber to give it superior structural integrity without any significant increase in weight. As listed by EarthCruiser, the overall height in Drive Mode is 90 inches, while Camp Mode raises the pop-top up to 117 inches. It measures 217 inches long and can sleep up to two adults. A rooftop solar panel array harvests energy to replenish its 460 Ah battery.

Owners can access an outdoor shower, recovery gear storage, filtered water, lockable utility hook ups, lighting/system controls, and scene lights from the exterior. Meanwhile, inside is a stainless-steel sink, refrigerator/freezer, storage cabinets/drawers, and a full-size rooftop bed. The GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser camper’s headroom is 80 inches at the entry, 76 inches in the hallway, and 35 inches in the bed area.

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Images courtesy of EarthCruiser