Although whiskey experts have established that age statements do not necessarily equate to an amazing spirit, buyers still gravitate toward these releases. As such, we are always on the lookout for the latest launches. Our vigilance pays off once again as Glenglassaugh teases a 46-year-old highland single malt Scotch – exclusively available in the United States.

Although the demand for premium whiskey, in general, caters to a global market, the distillery’s decision to limit distribution to only one country is bound to drum up publicity. A bottle of the 46-year-old blend will cost around $4,800 and is the oldest one so far from the label.

We believe curious enthusiasts will snap one up for their collection even at resale price. Before this announcement, the Glenglassaugh 40-year-old highland single malt Scotch was its flagship. Given only 215 of the 46-year-old decanters are up for grabs, most will end up in the hands of upscale bar owners or in the liquor cabinets of discerning whiskey drinkers.

The fact that circumstances back then almost led to the loss of this expression makes it even more appealing. The distillery originally opened for business in 1874 but was eventually shuttered in 1986. In 2008, Glenglassaugh made a comeback, thankfully with its valuable spirits untouched. The 46-year-old is bottled at its original cask strength.

Each decanter of the highland single malt Scotch shows 41.7% ABV. In an interview with master distiller Rachel Barrie, she states the whiskey “was distilled on the 3rd of September 1975 and matured entirely along the shores of Sandend Bay.” Folks lucky enough to sample the Glenglassaugh 46-year-old share tasting notes of tropical fruit and the sea. It seems like an exciting adventure with every sip.

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Images courtesy of Glenglassaugh