Shopping for luxury goods normally entails a visit to a brand’s boutique if there are any available near your area. If not, affluent consumers can always travel to locations that do. Another option would be to purchase online via prestigious establishments like MR PORTER. To our delight, the latter is partnering with Glenfiddich for a limited-edition bottle of their fine whiskey.

The collaboration will see 1,500 bottles of the 20-year-old single malt spirit distributed worldwide. This dram is quite special given the involvement of the luxury menswear supplier’s creative director and whiskey devotee Ben Palmer. To create this signature blend, Glenfiddich malt master Brian Kinsman helps curate this scotch.

Fashion and whiskey might not sound like an ideal combo, but we believe this partnership is unique. Also, demand should be overwhelming as collectors will likely want to score a bottle or more. Who knows? Depending on how well it performs, The Glenfiddich Presented By MR PORTER, could become an annual mainstay.

The process sees Palmer and Kinsman carefully select the three containers to age the single malt in. This trio involves casks that previously housed bourbon, European oak that held sherry, and new American oak. Sources say it creates a complex and sophisticated aroma profile with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and figs.

Meanwhile, the taste of spiced oak, fudge, and Demerara sugar lingers in the mouth after a sip. The Glenfiddich Presented By MR PORTER arrives in beautiful white packaging with embossed letterings and brand badges. The bottle itself looks decadent, with decorative elements taken from the box. Willing buyers should sign up now for a chance to purchase the whiskey.

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Images courtesy of Glenfiddich/MR PORTER