If you’re a whiskey guy, then we have a treat for you. Today we will take a snapshot look at Glenfiddich Fire and Cane Whiskey. This liquor is a combination of sweet rum and bourbon peat to make an exquisite drink for a fine occasion. The whiskey bottle is practically wearing a suit of its own!

The tipple has a honey hue and an agglomeration of flavors to swirl around your palette – creating a fire storm of deliciousness. Upon the first sip you will taste oak and smoke which parts way to an intense fruity and toffee flavor. You’ll feel like you just had a lovely piece of apple pie next to a roaring camp fire.

The whiskey’s lingering taste of smoke and sugar will be having you bending your elbow for round two within a matter of seconds. This drink was first an experiment and has fast become the go-to tipple for any dinner party and a staple of any whiskey lover’s drinks’ cabinet.

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