The GLARC is a window-cleaning device concept that takes its shape from the Arctic Tern bird in flight. It aims to make window cleaning easy and efficient with features not found in any other hand-operated window cleaning tools. 

Glass windows add elegance and open any space to natural light to make it look brighter and bigger. But they can be a hassle to clean and the regular squeegee can only do so much. You still end up having to bring in more cleaning equipment to store the water, soap, and more. 

The GLARC, designed by Vinay D. Khairnar, aims to make the cleaning process simple yet effective. For starters, it has a sleek yet ergonomic design that allows for a proper and comfortable grip and a wide surface cleaning area.

Trying to translate the shape of the Arctic Tern into an artificial form is a daunting task. The end product looks like an alien spaceship or a stingray. The window cleaning device almost looks like a hand vacuum cleaner with a flat and wide main body and a slim handle.

Despite its shape, it’s meant to be easy to use. It has a button on top that dispenses the water from a built-in water container. It also comes with a sponge and a rubber blade that wipes the window clean.

Moreover, the GLARC is equipped with magnets to hold another GLARC cleaner on the other side of the window so you can clean both the outside and inside glass simultaneously. It is billed as lightweight but there’s no mention of its actual size and weight. But it’s sure interesting to see how it performs in actuality. 

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Images courtesy of Vinay D. Khairnar/Behance