Gamers’ insatiable appetite for the classics prompted the boom of remakes. Although emulators are easily available online, some players crave an authentic experience if possible. Therefore, we now have a niche market for first-party retro consoles. Atari gladly caters to its hardcore fans with a new model. The 400 Mini is a modern take on 8-bit computing and gaming.

Originally launched in 1979, “the powerful Atari 400 set a new standard of capability.” As with its previous outings. the manufacturer presents a compact version of the machine along with modern upgrades. Although some collectors would rather get their hands on an authentic unit, it’s almost impossible to find one. Moreover, there’s also the issue of compatibility with the latest TVs.

The Atari 400 Mini may look exactly like the device it’s based on, but it’s purely for cosmetic purposes. Just like other retro consoles, it ships with games already included. As indicated by the product page, there are 25 in total. Among these were smash hits of their time such as Berzek, Star Raiders II, Millipede, Lee, Miner 2049er, and M.U.L.E.

No need to start over when you need to take a break. Each game allows up to four save states so progress is never lost. The 400 Mini features five USB-A ports and an HDMI port. Standard PC keyboards are supported and the hardware even plays games on a USB flash drive. The package includes one CXStick controller.

At the core of each 400 Mini is an AllWinner H3 microprocessor with 256 MB of RAM and 128 MB of flash storage. A single USB-C port supplies power to the console. It measures 2″ x 6″ x 5.25″ (HxWxD) and weighs 8.8 ounces. Get your classic gaming fix right now!

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Images courtesy of Atari