­­­­With panoramic views over the Pacific, Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel offers world-class experiences to anyone who needs a little bit of luxury and pampering in their life. It is situated on a spectacular cliff, 150 feet above Salt Creek Beach, in the fabled Orange County of California. The breathtaking beauty of the surroundings is matched by the plush elegance of the hotel’s interiors, carrying forth Ritz-Carlton’s legacy as one of the finest hotels in the word.

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A sense of serenity and sophistication accompanies guests as they walk through the resort, especially on lazy afternoons by the inviting Dana Pool surrounded by tall palm trees and comfy sun lounges. This feeling of tropical bliss is seamlessly spread in every area of the hotel, and that even includes the prestigious meeting facilities. The décor infuses a sense of wellbeing into all activities that takes place at Ritz-Carlton, from business meetings, to weddings, to dining, and everything in between.

This is also an excellent place for you and your family to enjoy the ultimate beach vacation, with a plethora of fun ideas for the entire family – from youngest to oldest. Three miles of sunny beach ensures plenty of space for exciting outdoor activities, and the friendly beach butler will always be there to help plan the day and carry your seaside gear.

Of course, the older siblings and the parents may want to retreat for a few moments of silence and relaxation during the little ones’ nap time, and that’s where the Spa facilities come in. Clarins products and highly skilled professionals will provide unforgettable beauty and wellness rituals. End every day with a mouthwatering dinner at one of the hotel’s six exquisite restaurants before retreating to your flawlessly appointed suite for a good night’s sleep.

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