You might have heard of Givenchy from songs on the Billboard Top 40 (Formation, anyone?). And from those lyrics maybe you’ve acquired an inkling that they’re a luxury clothing band. Well, you’re mostly correct, but did you know they also make sneakers, not just clothes?

In fact, the brand just launched its latest line of kicks, called the Givenchy JAW collection. They arrived at Givenchy boutiques this past October. All units are made from luxe leathers, suedes, and mesh detailings. In other words, exactly the things you would expect from Givenchy.

The high-fashion sneakers will have various colorways. Givenchy will initially release all-white and all-black versions, but down the line it’ll add multi-color variants as well. You’re in luck if you fancy blue, red, and other riskier colors. If you’re feeling a bit generous, why not buy everything to spice up your streetwear game?

Also, did we mention they’re all inspired by the iconic film Jaws? That certainly explains the unusual yet highly alluring teeth-shaped outsoles. And the silhouette that’s similar in scale to Balenciaga’s overtly chunky soles and Louis Vuitton’s hyperbolic arches. However, what truly sets it apart is the nylon and leather-tipped construction, which features a sock-like interior underneath the high-top ankle.

You can hit Givenchy boutiques or the company’s online store to purchase the latest Givenchy JAW Low-Top collection. If you want to wear the “it” sneakers of the season, then you best head to Givenchy to get your hands on the brand’s ultra-glamorous kicks.

Photos courtesy of Givenchy