Gionee Smartphones of China has just launched their newest smartphone model featuring what is, for now, possibly the longest lasting battery in the world. The Gionee M2017 ($1,000+) has a huge 7,000Ah battery that can go for nearly 32 hours of non-stop talk or 26 hours of continuous video.

On the outside, this sleek phone is just under 6″ of metal and leather. It features a curved quad HD AMOLED sapphire glass displaying 1440×2560 pixels. There’s a front 8-megapixel camera and two rear cameras (12MP & 13MP), while the inbuilt storage capacity is 128 gigs (6GB of RAM) but without expandable storage capability. A 256GB model will also be available for a cool $2,446. Available in black & gold color variations, the M2017 has a fingerprint scanner for extra biometric security and includes the usual Bluetooth, GPS & Wi-Fi.

For now Gionee is only offering the M2017 to the Chinese market but with luck they may soon allow the rest of the world a chance to talk as long as they desire. [via]