Seems like they’re prefixing “smart” to every piece of furniture these days. Fridges. Lamps. Lightbulbs. And even outlet plugs. Everything’s bows down to tech now, including your own coffee brewer.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. If anything, it expands the capabilities of appliances and makes them a lot more useful and intuitive. Just like the GINA Smart Coffee Brewer from Goat Story.

This device integrates straightforward software and technology into classic coffee making techniques, making your morning more enjoyable to brew. The beautifully designed product is unsurprisingly sleek and futuristic looking. However, it still highly resembles typical coffee makers so it’s not that alienating.

The premium-looking steel frame features a Bluetooth scale that lets you measure the amount of grains needed for the perfect blend. You also get a ceramic funnel up top where you set the coffee and pour water in. On the bottom, there’s a valve that deploys brewed coffee onto a chic glass beaker.

In addition, you get a French press system in case you prefer a different technique. As a matter of fact, the GINA Smart Coffee has nearly all brewing methods at its disposal, including cold drip. And since it’s a smart device, you can connect it to a smart phone and access more options using the companion app. This should also provide you with instructions on how to make the perfect cup of joe.

Available in Black, Steel, or White colorway options, this $245 brewing machine is the perfect balance between classic and high-tech.