As the winter chill begins to fade, spring finally calls out to outdoor enthusiasts to take out their gear from storage and plan their escapades. If you’re one of the many who own a motorhome, then preparations should be smooth and easy. While SUVs and vans are the more popular types of vehicles for conversions, pickup truck owners can kit their rides out with GFC’s Platform Camper.

Go Fast Camper is a company that specializes in aftermarket add-ons specifically for people who love to hit the trails. These are the same folks who prefer routes with the most challenging terrain and call it a good day before they hit the sack. The Platform Camper is expertly engineered to “carry your gear, your tools, your toys, and your dogs.”

Buyers are encouraged to customize their builds according to their needs, but there is a standard configuration as a reference. Should you opt for the base trim, the package features sleeping arrangements for two adults and one child or a canine companion. 

The Platform Camper tips the scales at around 275 lbs. but can be higher or lower depending on the size of your truck bed. GFC lists the dynamic roof load capacity at 500 lbs. The canopy is crafted out of aluminum and features three access panels armed with proprietary Embassy Hinge units.

With these ports open the Platform Camper is in Cabana Mode. Not only does it provide unhindered access to the contents of your truck bed, but the panels also provide additional shelter from the elements. The rooftop tent provides all-weather shelter and is made out of 300D honeycomb ripstop.

GFC also equips the tent with lower perimeter intakes for passive ventilation. Partially opening the windows provides a crossflow effect. You can access the Platform Camper via the Transform-A-Floor portal from the truck bed or the exterior ladder. Convert your truck now and enjoy the adventure.

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Images courtesy of GFC