The moment you commit to outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, you understand that you need to give up some creature comforts. Depending on the type of outing you have in mind, you might have a lot of rough terrain and tough challenges ahead. While most of our readers will agree that a warm bath or shower can do wonders for fatigue, it’s not exactly accessible wherever your likely going. Geyser Systems might have a portable solution in the form of this awesome product. As long as your vehicle is within reach with an adequate source of water, it will change everything.

Unless your destination has plumbing and heating system, a hot bath is out of the question. Some exceptions are areas with natural hot springs where you can soak your weary muscles or even cook certain food. When the camping site does not fit any of the aforementioned two, then portable heater and shower from Geyser Systems is our go-to equipment.

As long as you have enough H2O to spare, you can hook up this gadget to your car’s 12V outlet. The 16-foot power cord should be enough to reach your makeshift washing or shower area. The tank can hold up to 3 liters of water can heat it up to 95 °F in just 15 minutes. Meanwhile, users can even control the flow using the control valve.

Finally, the LED system will alert you if the water level falls below capacity and needs a refill. The makeshift showerhead can likewise double as a scrub sponge. the compact-yet-powerful pump can generate enough pressure to efficiently clean your gear. The next time you head out, just pack this handy machine from Geyser Systems.

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Images courtesy of Geyser Systems