As the ongoing SARS-COV-2 pandemic brings about hardships and challenges, the outstanding resilience of humanity manages to break through. Through hard work and perseverance, we’ve seen various industries come up with novel ways to hang on. People are adapting to the situation and there are several interesting workarounds for businesses. This helpful guide should provide answers on how to promote your gym in times of COVID-19 and so much more.

Currently, the biggest problem actually stems from how infectious the 2019 novel coronavirus really is. Research data shows that it is very easy for the pathogen to spread via multiple means. Physical contact remains the key contributor to its transmission, which is why social distancing must be observed in public.

Enclosed spaces with poor ventilation and recycled air also contribute to the issue at hand. Thankfully, with the help of the government, healthcare agencies, and pharmaceutical companies, vaccinations are already ongoing. Ideally, herd immunity will eventually spell the end of the outbreak and things will go back to how they were before.

Nonetheless, most of the population will likely have their guards up for the foreseeable future. Still, this does not mean that we could not look on the bright side. Studies show that a healthy body and a positive mindset goes a long way to keep our immune system in tip-top condition to fight against infections.

Staying in shape is crucial in so many ways and your regular workout has numerous benefits to offer. So, let’s check out some clever strategies gym owners can try out to gradually bring back existing members or even get new ones to sign up. Keep in mind that basic safety protocols should still be followed until further notice.

Show Them the Ropes

Of course, newbies will be curious about what the gym membership package is all about. So, it might be a good idea to show them some of the routines they will experience. Thankfully, modern technology and the internet will help you connect with your target audience.

Create a YouTube channel or page for your brand (if there are none yet) and upload your workout clips. Think of it as free samples they can try out at home with the help of qualified personnel as their virtual instructors. Have your staff share these on social media and chances are people in their networks will also do the same.

It will take some time, but there will be folks who will embrace the benefits of an active lifestyle. There’s a higher chance they will join for some dedicated one-on-one sessions at the gym. Don’t forget to highlight the different types of personalized training programs available for members.

Offer Incentives

Marketing specialists believe that whatever works for retail can be customized for other segments as well. Treat gym memberships as your main product and tailor-fit your campaign to showcase the advantages it brings to the table. People are always on the lookout for the best deals out there.

To make your potential clients understand how much you value their patronage, don’t hesitate to hand out freebies. A referral system can probably see your sign-up rate double in a few weeks. Make sure to discuss everything with your partners and get their opinions on the matter before you implement anything.

As long as the incentive is within your operational budget, feel free to dole out a free month or so for each successful referral. Another alternative would be to give discounts for those who sign up for an annual membership or longer.

It would be awesome if your marketing team can communicate with companies that have a sizeable workforce. They could then send out an email campaign so that their staff and take advantage of a corporate membership discount. Many will not let this opportunity pass which equates to more members for you.

Advertising Online

This step is perhaps the most fundamental which almost every company goes for. Remember to check the allocated budget to see if it can cover the costs of your planned method of getting the word out. Right now, social media platforms are the go-to option given how people are always online these days. Statistically speaking, data pooled by researchers show that these numbers tend to go up each year.

For that hint of traditional flair, your company might want to go for fitness flyers which you can print out and distribute. Eco-minded individuals should not worry, because you can always share a digital copy via newsletters or sponsored ads. We recommend the latter as it minimizes contact that could likely lead to viral transmissions.

Online advertising does not stop there as access to social media and video-sharing services can go beyond placements. Assign someone or personally manage your accounts and keep the content fresh. Also, don’t hesitate to ask existing members to share their workout videos.

You can even have them document their fitness transformation to showcase their achievements with the help of your gym. Seeing the remarkable progress of people they know might be the push others are looking for. Be sure to ask permission from those who submitted their videos before posting. Moreover, let them know that you will tag and credit them properly when you upload the clips to the gym’s page or channel.

Offer streaming workout sessions

You have to understand that not everybody is ready to take the risk with the recent spike of COVID-19 cases. Thus, you must adapt to your clients’ needs. There are some members who might prefer to do their workouts in the gym to use the equipment.

On the other hand, there are folks who might have some gear at home. Have some of your instructors focus on streaming guided workouts. Upsell premium subscriptions via membership upgrades that include these optional online classes. Surprisingly, these types of services are now trending amid the pandemic.

This is another wonderful aspect of how the health and fitness industry can adapt. Especially to cater to the needs of individuals who prefer to minimize their risk of exposure. In order to stay above the competition, you should explore all possible revenue streams that others have yet to capitalize on.

Prioritize Sanitation And Safety

Ultimately, it all boils down to getting more people back into the gym. Otherwise, your gear and machines will just end up gathering dust if nobody is there to use them. Hence, assure your members that health guidelines are religiously followed. Inform them that all surfaces and equipment are sanitized frequently.

Meanwhile, your members must also follow the minimum prevention requirements such as washing their hands, wiping down whatever they were using with sanitizer, and wearing face masks as long as it’s not interfering with their exercise.

You can publish these reminders on your home page, email them to your members, or take the classic route and put up printed materials throughout the gym. To accomplish this, you could check out the services offered by websites such as PosterMyWall.

With their comprehensive online graphic design tools, you can quickly create reminders with vibrant graphics and text to suit your needs. Check out their huge library of templates and craft the perfect one for your gym. If you’re printing these out, placing them near areas with a lot of foot traffic will get the job done.

Likewise, contact your local professionals to schedule a full cleaning and disinfection. Try to have them do it on days when there is usually a small turnout of people at the premises. Keep your staff and members in the loop as to when the crew will be there to avoid confusion and unnecessary inconvenience.

COVID-19 Numbers At A Glance and conclusion

Until the World Health Organization (WHO) and their respective representatives in each region declare the end of the pandemic, precautionary measures should still be observed. According to the international agency’s tracker, as of May 23, 2021, there are approximately 166,346,635 confirmed cases with 3,449,117 deaths recorded.

If we are not careful, those figures could surge before the year ends. Since it’s almost impossible to closely monitor the condition of all members, it’s essential to at least respect and follow whatever health officials recommend. Not all hope is lost as gyms can still be a welcome environment for folks to enjoy their fitness routines. This article will hopefully become a good resource for owners who are ready to kickstart operations once again.