Most of us are undoubtedly addicted to coffee and energy drinks to get us through the day. With the work from home (WFH) situation right now, it is still a challenge to complete our tasks without a boost from caffeine. Unfortunately, the downside here is that in the end, we find it difficult to relax or even sleep. Maybe a sip of the Mood sparkling drink from Recess would help.

Before you brush it off as another gimmick to market sugar-infused soda, Recess claims it is not. That’s right, this is not another fancy beverage to source your daily dose of panic juice from. Instead, it is a low-calorie alternative that promotes a feeling of Zen, which, admittedly, is what we need.

The Mood comes in 12-ounce cans with colors to match the flavors of the contents. You can choose from four variants: Blood Orange, Strawberry Rose, Peach Ginger, and Black Cherry. We like that the package is modest with eye-catching shades and images of white, fluffy clouds.

This presentation alone should be enough to convince anyone that what’s inside is the good stuff. So, what’s the secret behind its calming effect on those who gulp down a can of Mood. It appears that you will be taking in is sparkling water infused with special ingredients.

According to the company, what goes into the beverages are American ginseng, lemon balm, L-theanine, and magnesium L-threonate. Take note that the Mood packs a different blend in contrast to the regular Recess recipe which includes extracts from broad-spectrum hemp. Not to worry, because you can quickly spot which is which from the cans.

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Images courtesy of Recess