Having more choices when shopping for items you want or need is great. A positive that can come out of companies competing for your dollar are affordable prices. Unfortunately, an unavoidable caveat soon follows wherein quality degrades. The United Sodas of America intends to stand out with its vibrant selection of refreshing beverages.

Initially, what United Sodas of America brings to the table may not seem different from what every other beverage manufacturer has on the shelf. Yet, the soft drinks that they offer might be the lesser evil it seems. Except for diet or zero-calorie versions of popular labels, most options pack anywhere between 125 to 180 calories on average.

Meanwhile, each 12-fl oz can of pop from United Sodas of America amounts to only 30 calories. Depending on your diet restrictions, it could be a guilt-free indulgence for some people. Not only that, but the company likewise notes that it only uses natural flavorings to tickle your taste buds.

There are 12 available: Orange Nectarine, Cherry Pop, Gingery Ale, Blackberry Jam, Young Mango, White Grape, Pear Elderflower, Strawberry Basil, Extra Peach, Toasted Coconut, Sour Blueberry, and Lemon Verbena. Credit goes to founder and CEO Marisa Zupan and designer Alex Center for matching each of these with an eye-catching presentation.

Each can from their lineup comes with a minimalist solid color with a matte finish. No fancy logo’s or markings save for the flavor name in white fonts. You can grab a 12-can Variety Pack to try them all or choose the Theme Pack for a curated taste profile. United Sodas of America also lets you mix and match those you like.

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Images courtesy of United Sodas of America