Gerber is no stranger to providing compact utility tools that are durable and highly reliable. Take the Gerber Dual Force Multitool for instance. It’s for both light and heavy-duty jobs and comes in a handsome design that’ll surely be a conversation starter.

This multitool can easily replace those already in your toolbox. Thanks to its layered construction, it’s ultra-tough that it provides twice the jaw strength and force to manhandle any task. It features an adjustable 2-position slip joint jaw and extra-large teeth that grasp firmly onto various fasteners. Its handspan is 47% narrower than competitor tools to allow for optimal gripping power and 2x the force. This way, it can easily grasp and cut through heavier or thicker materials. 

The Gerber Dual Force Multitool packs 13 more handy tools in a compact size of just 4.65 ” long when closed. It has a weight and width of merely 12 oz and 0.84″, respectively. It also comes with blunt nose layered construction jaws, regular pliers, small fastener pliers, a wire cutter and a wire stripper, and a 3.25″ plain-edge blade.

Moreover, there’s a saw, a fine/coarse file, a chisel edge, and a 3.35″ center-drive axis tech that operates like a real screwdriver, providing maximum torque and rotation. Then there’s the medium flathead driver, a #1 and #2 cross drive, and an 8″/20cm ruler. 

Leave the toolbox at home when you have the Gerber Dual Force Multitool. It comes with a lanyard hole so you can hang it on a keychain or a carabiner for easy carry and quick access. It has a dedicated sheath for protection and storage. Its rugged design along with its amazing tools make it a formidable addition to your repertoire of other heavy-duty utility tools.

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Images courtesy of Gerber Gear