Numismatists may find this British Royal Mint featuring iconic artist George Michael worthy of their collection. This limited-edition coin comes in different precious-metal versions and variety of colors and finishes. 

It is part of The Royal Mint’s music legend series, which celebrates bestselling British musicians. Previously featured artists include Elton John and David Bowie. This design pays homage to the singer’s iconic look in the music video of his hit song “Faith”. It shows him wearing sunglasses, a jacket with an upturned collar, and a cross earring. The coin also has a graphic rendering of the sound waves from “Faith”, represented in vertical lines.

This reverse design of the George Michael Royal Mint is created by acclaimed sculptor and artist Sandra Deiana. On the obverse side is an image of King Charles III, which marks his first official coinage portrait and it is designed by Martin Jennings. 

“From the beginning of the project, I was clear about certain elements that I wanted to incorporate into the design. I wanted a detailed portrait that captured his charismatic expression – I was particularly thinking of his iconic sunglasses,” Deiana said of her design adding: “It’s amazing to be able to pay tribute to his music and what you see in the design is truly a piece of George Michael’s song.”

The release of the George Michael Royal Mint was approved by his estate. In a statement, George Michael Entertainment said they are “deeply honored that the Royal Mint is paying tribute to him by creating a series of beautifully crafted coins.” They said “he would have been enormously proud and genuinely touched that a national institution should have decided to pay tribute to his memory in this way.”

The George Michael Royal Mint is beautifully presented in bespoke packaging that also includes a booklet that shares the story of George Michael’s life and legacy. It’s a wonderful memento to remember a much-loved pop icon. 

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Images courtesy of Royal Mint